Olympus E-M10 + Panasonic 45-200mm vs. iPhone X

Last night was known as Mid-Autumn Festival. The moon was supposed to be brighter and larger. So, I decided to dust off my Olympus E-M10 Mark III with Panasonic 45-200mm lens to take a moon shot.

Walked through my garage, secured my camera on a tripod, aimed at the moon, zoomed the lens all the way with a hood on, turned on the 2x digital zoom, and I clicked. Then, I clicked a couple more just in case. After that, I came back home, loaded the image on GIMP, cropped, adjusted a few curves, and sharpened the image a little. After that I posted the final image (left picture above) on SMS to a couple of friends. Yes, we are old-school. One of them was like: “What!!”, “How?”, “Seriously?”, “This is so big!!”, “So close” in consecutive replies, followed by a moon shot from the iPhone X (right picture above). LOL.