About Us

It’s super easy and get the job done! I have been looking for something like Gibtr for a long time so I could send gifts to long distance friends easily, this fits the bill perfectly…

Andrew Betts

Our Story

We started Gibtr to initially solve our own problem; a founder couldn’t find a way to send a birthday treat to a coworker because he didn’t have the coworker’s address.

Gifting hasn’t really changed for thousands of years. Senders spend a lot of time in picking gifts that may end up not useful for the receivers whom often have no choice but to accept them.

With increasing concerns about privacy, people usually don’t share physical addresses. With Covid-19 and social distancing, meeting with each other in person is not always possible. Delivering gifts becomes challenging.

Please join us to make gifting better for everyone.



Our service is completely free. Senders pay the exact cost of the gift item plus the money transfer free charged from PayPal. There is no gibtr service fee.



Receivers only reveal their addresses to gibtr for delivery purposes. We do not reveal the addresses to the senders.



Senders can gift any online items. Receivers have choices to accept or reject gifts with just a button click.

Our Achievements

We helped hundreds of users send gifts to others in various occasions

Any Store

We deliver gifts from any store provided that the shipping is available to the delivery address

Organic Growth

Gibtr is 100% organic. We have been cash positive from day one. Our runway is infinite.


Gibtr users are from all corners of the world. We delivered gifts to users in Asia, America, Europe, and Australia.


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