Make A Move On This Valentine With Gibtr

Do you know that gifting is one of the five languages of love? Let’s say you just started a healthy relationship with someone and would like to show how much you care for that person. 

But how? 

You can send a gift….   the problem is that you only have the email address or phone number. Gibtr can help you send your gift without the receiver’s address.

All you need to do is go to gibtr and fill in the receiver’s phone number or email address, a purchasable link for the gift, and an optional message. 

Gibtr will take care of the rest. Gibtr will contact the receiver for confirmation as well as delivery information. Once the receiver responds, Gibtr will send you a confirmation with the total amount you need to pay. The amount you paid is the exact cost of ordering the item plus a PayPal payment fee. 

Once you pay, Gibtr will place the order on your behalf and deliver the gift to the receiver. Upon delivery, you will also get a confirmation that the gift is received. 

Gibtr service is completely free for both senders and receivers. Let’s make a move with Gibtr for giving is better than receiving.