Increase Acceptance

One reason receivers do not accept gifts because they do not know if they are for real. It is understandable because there are many spam and fishing emails that steal personal information these days. The number one thing you can help to use personalized message so that the receiver knows that only you can write such a personal message.

Use Personalized Message

DON’T: Do not write a generic message like

Happy Birthday!

DO: Write a specific and personal message such as

Happy Birthday Jen! I wish I could give you your favorite cupcake in person like last year. Thank you for being such a great co-worker and helping me so much in the last product launch. Have a great one. Robert

Use Phone Number If Available

For a quicker response, use phone number. Messaging is much more responsive because the receiver will likely see it right away. While Gibtr still communicate via emails, the receiver might not see your gift because the email might be categorized as a spam email.