Gifting Without An Address

Addresses and even phone numbers are considered personal information. Even close friends or co-workers do not always have these information. From time to time, we might want to send a friend a small gift or a treat. However, without an address, it may be challenging to do so.

You may ask the receiver for their address but they might not feel comfortable giving it out. Besides, you may be hinting to the receiver about what’s coming, ruining the surprise.

You may want to do Reverse Email Lookup or Reverse Phone Lookup to find the receiver information. However, doing so may create bad impression for the receiver. In addition, even if the address is found, it may not be correct or up to date.

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Gibtr can help you deliver gifts to the receiver without you knowing the address. After the sender initiates a gifting request and the receiver chooses to accept, Gibtr will ask the receiver for the delivery information, which Gibtr never reveals to the sender. Upon receiving the payment from the sender, Gibtr will order the gift and ship it to the receiver. During the whole gifting process, Gibtr will try to be as transparent as possible by emailing both parties about the progress. Both parties can also check the gifting status via the “Manage Gifts” Dashboard.