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What is “🎁 Add to Gibtr”?

“🎁 Add to Gibtr” button is the Gibtr Bookmark, which is a convenient way for the users to easily “copy-and-paste” the desired gift link from any online stores to the Gibtr website for gifting. To install, visit the Gibtr Bookmark,…

I Can’t Believe This Webcam!

There are so many webcams on the market for you to choose from depending upon your budget and requirements. For me, I’d like the one which is affordable, with good video quality and working with Linux. Last but not least,…

Gifting With Social Distancing

Gifting while social distancing is challenging. We love one another by keeping each other safe through social distancing, but we also want to express our love through gifting. Let Gibtr take care of that for you!

Ways To Gift With Gibtr

Intuitive website, easy to use and understand; perfect for Pen-Pals. Staff are responsive and open to improvements. Rajad Rahman Gibtr is a flexible and privacy-aware gifting platform where senders can gift any online products using text, email, or messaging. Receivers can reject, or accept…